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Scottish six days trial 2013
It's that time of year again. We are off to Fort William in the early hours of Sunday
The rain is bad at the moment with the pre 65 two day trial having to run on a very short course yesterday and today's completely cancelled!!!
It looks like being a very wet trial starting on Monday but the weather changes quickly up there so later in the week may be better.
I'm number 239 and the lad is 262. It's best to start at the back of the results to find me and the front to find him!! Got to be a better year this time as we were both out with mechanical problems last year.
Il update as things proceed.

Ps. Fungus. I will be passing your pad about 5.00 am so I will pip the horn!!

Also Big Mac is going to be there later in the week so there could be a shortage of pies in Scotland!!
hope you have taken the spanners up... i dont mean fug's either Smile ... Hope the weather is good for you both and the results even better good luck m8 Wink
Yeah, I second that, good luck m8, stay on 2 wheels and give that lad of yours a run for his money!
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It wad my late start day on Monday. 11.15am. It gets earlier by about 45 mins a day. Not a good start as my bike wouldn't start and had to half push it over the start line. Got it running but it wasnt good for the first group of sections but it improved as the day went on. Later crossing a river I got water in the engine which stopped it but luckily got it going again without a lot of time lost. Later I didn't get up a step in a river and fell in a deep bit . absolutely soaked!!!!
I expected to have a poor score but I was a bit better than I thought. Others must of been rubbish as well!!
My lad was pretty poor for him with a lot of silly marks lost. Think he's about 40th.
Quick update.
Very long day today. About 95 miles with about half of that on rhe moors which were wet. Rained most of day. Very tight on time . Lot of mechanial problems but will sort in morning. I guess I will of got 30 time penalties on top of a big score!!!
For a second then I thought you said 95 miles!!
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So thats another Ssdt over.
Its been a long, hard week with a lot of cold, wet weather. I had a few problems with a blocked fuel line which was easily sorted if I had known what it was!
Finished on Saturday afternoon in 187th position out of 275. My lad was in 37th.

That's the last one for me. Im getting too old to put in a decent performance in the sections. Even the top riders in their early 20s say its getting too hard so there's no chance for me! I'v done 11 now so im going to stick to the one day nationals.
You cant win them all m8, you still didn't come last and you managed too finish the trials still. Plus the bonus of the lad coming 37th ain't bad out of 275. I would probably still be on the first leg WITH a broken leg if i tried it :{
outrageous effort, very impressed, I have trouble mounting my pushbike & get tired doing 95 miles in the car!!! Big Grin

Very impressed at the result too!
well done!
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