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War & Peace 2010
Hi everybody, just got back from the War & Peace show 2010 excellent day as always.

Well I met up with McJaeger,and depite Clummage's deformation of character a really nice chap and a big thanks to Neil and his friends for the hospitality they showed myself and my brother.
We had a good chat and I informed him that he is known as "McGregor" due to a certain Balldini, Neil then said "Ah He's the quiet one on the server" if only he knew!.
I have attached a photo of our meeting after seeing me I think he wished he had bought the industrial strength clingfilm "McGregor is the one in the blue shirt and he's bending down Lol ( Clummage Behave)

Look forward to meeting up next year.
[Image: 100_0147.jpg]
Cabbage (AKA The GeeTeeKid)
Nice one Cabbage...Hilarious! Putting a picture of two guys from the veterans of WWII tent on the server! lmao!

Where are the real pictures?
The chrome baby seal club in 'McGregors' hand is a nice touch, but a pink wrist band? must of been a pressy from Clum! lol
[Image: sig.jpg]
I think that the wrist band is actually a set of handcuffs... The other end is around Cabbage's diddler!
[Image: Clummage.png]
we just got back last night after a great (but knackering) show, it was nice meeting Steve and his brother, pity Clummage
didn't have the balls turn up, as I was really looking forward wrapping him in cling film and ehh.......

I fancy Stevie sooo very much! His little leather cap with the chain around the peak really did it for me!!! OOOhhhhhhh!!!
[Image: 1321825040638.gif]
was you gunna say bum me???? eh?

Soooo... I went to the show.... and i've gotta say..... the hog roast was the tits!

Oh, and why was every sign speleddt wrong?
[Image: Clummage.png]
Oi ! which smart arse added :

"I fancy Stevie sooo very much! His little leather cap with the chain around the peak really did it for me!!! OOOhhhhhhh!!! "

to my post !

I only have eyes for you big boy !
Tee hee hee, I have absolutely no idea..
[Image: Clummage.png]
It's a damn good spanking you need (with cling film of course !)
[Image: 1321825040638.gif]

War & Peace looked like an interesting show, & im looking forward to attending next year.
After looking at all the comments & pics posted including the ones from the previous forum, I thought I would do a bit more online research about the event.
However, during my enquires into this prestigious annual show, I uncovered a much more seedy side to things,
things that cannot be mentioned before the 9pm watershed.............
However to illustrate this debauchery, I feel I must show this footage that I found, of the late nights in the 'after hours' Disco tent.......

Please scroll down.........

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