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another idiot and some sheet metal
by popular request here photos from our VW club weekend in Thüringen (which was part of the former DDR).
Great little family run hotel with excellent food, beer and goats !

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[Image: 1321825040638.gif]
Looks good.......
Beer, Goats & open topped transport.......
Did you drink the Beer?
Did you take the goat home with you?
Me, I would have left the goat there,
because here in Cambridgeshire, we have these..........

[Image: vend-a-goat.jpg]

[Image: sig.jpg]

I bought a goat from a vending machine once in Cambridgeshire but I think it was faulty!
Look at the poor bugger.
I call her Barry...I love her soooo much!

[Image: 542.jpg]
[Image: Clummage.png]
Wow I'm selling up and moving to Cambridgeshire ! ....Goat vending machines !!!!...I've had dreams about these pmsl
Naturally I wanted to take the goat home with me and hid it under the back seat, but the wife got into the car she said " It stinks in here",
I replied "don't worry love the goat will get used to it"

btw there's nothing wrong with Barry, she's got a lovely complexion, it's probably just a phase she's going through.
[Image: 1321825040638.gif]

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