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Scottish six days trial 2014
Well thats another done.
Unfortunately it couldn't of gone much worse!!
Monday went pretty well till late in the day. Small slip crash off bike and sprained my thumb and cut a finger through to the tendon. Had to go to hospital for stitches.
Tuesday and looked like I wouldn't be able to get round as its a long, hard day but I decided to give it a try and once my hands gripped the bars the pain was manageable. Later in the day felt a sharp pain in my leg. Limped from then on.
Started Wednesday but the bike was making noises it shouldn't. Turned back after a few miles and stripped the bike to find a bearing had gone in the gearbox so that was me excluded.
The mechanic got it fixed for Friday so I could do the last two days on a no award basis. Went about 30 miles and the engine wasnt right. Stopped and wouldn't go again. Had to pack in again!
Got someone to recover me and the bike back to the garage. Mechanic stripped it and found the engine was wrecked. A crank filler had moved and jammed it up. Needs a new engine!
My lad had issue's from the start with a faulty clutch master cylinder so the bike was extremely difficult to ride. Fitted a new one for tuesday but it took most of the day to bed in so another bad score. He was not liking the way the bike was riding and his scores were double what he normally does. Decided to fit a flywheel weight on Wednesday morning. Should take 10 minutes but something wouldn't fit so was half an hour late starting. Bad score again.
Friday he got nearly half way round on an excellent score and had moved up 20 places. Then his engine blew up and he was out of the event!
The importer had loads of problems all week keeping the bikes running. Ours were the nail in the coffin and he refused to fix them and the factory is taking them back and sending back bikes with new engines.
So we came back early Saturday with no bikes!
Sounds like misery. And you thought the Ossa was bad.
[Image: Clummage.png]
Sorry it didn't go as planned m8, but i will give you loads of bloody credit for try and not giving up. better luck next time around for both of you.

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