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Dinner, lunch and tea
We have an issue.
When I have dinner Clump has lunch.
When I have tea he has dinner.

I know we have it the right way round and he is just a gay southerner but what do the rest of you call things?
Im the same as you Timp, and I have bacon and eggs or cornflakes for breakfast, not waffles or french toast...
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Well i have breakfast, then lunch then dinner.
Dont normally bother with anything after dinner though that might be down to the 5 cups of coffee before bed....
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See, I'm not mental!
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Ok let me clear this up, it's easy.

When I was a lad and at school, I used to go home for dinner, which was a large cooked meal. Then, we used to have tea when I got home at the end of the day, which was a much smaller meal.

Nowadays and since I've been working, I have had "lunch" which would be a sandwich or snack type thing and "Dinner" which is the big main meal when I get home.

So, Lunch is just a snack and the main meal has always been "dinner", the largest meal of the day but it's just shifted places to the evening.

Does that make sense?
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You have left school and started work?
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I have sanp, fodder and beer... not always in that order Wink
Lol. I have a paper round now.
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Apparently I used to go to school and have a paper round, but it was that long ago I can't remember it... Hmm wonder whats for tea tonight or is it dinner? I'm confused now so I'll go with sailors suggestion and have beer!
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Don't let the southern Jessie s confuse you. Its teatime next Mook!!
And another thing that they do darn sarf. Chips with breakfast! !!!!!
Yes I know. Totally weird but true. I have seen Clumps pictures!

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