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Big Mac in real life
Just incase some if you wonder what Big Mac looks like in real life here is a picture to pollute your mind.

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That's definitely him, but he wasn't wearing the Orange circle when I met him?
[Image: sig.jpg]
How the hell does in fit in that little black car?
[Image: Clummage.png]
Well at least his beard is correct for the time of year, guess the reindeer are keeping well away till is red coat as dried..
So Mook. Does he really need such a large orange dot?
well let's just say it was one of my better days ;-) ....but I've been getting help every since I met Mookshire and Cabbage, and I'm almost normal now,
...apart from the clingfilm of course ! and of course Timp is right, that dot could be a lot smaller :-(
[Image: 1321825040638.gif]

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