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I never ordered that!!
I got told there was a delivery in the yard today, so I wandered down from the office from my comfy chair with the bubble wrap on it (Don't ask) & walked out into the bright sunshine to see something that I certainly did not order, not on ebay or through work or anywhere.

Turns out it was for one of those rich Farmer types, the ones who think Work is for the peasants.
I bet he is stood somewhere leaning on a gate, saying 'ooh aar' now and then and living like a lord on subsidies,
Well Mr Timp, sorry.... Mr farmer (slip of the tongue) I bet you are wondering where your bloody tractor is?

well I've got it!!

Actually i haven't, its gone.... Sad

[Image: sig.jpg]
Ann. I wondered where it had gone. Just another small part of my massive fleet!!

One other thing though. Do you wear the bubble wrap under the cling film.?
I had one of those when I played that farming simulator.. do you get to drive it?
[Image: Clummage.png]
Why have you got a K98 ? ...I thought you faming types were all shotgun toting ?
[Image: 1321825040638.gif]
its not me. its some nutcase who lives in the American widerness who makes men squeal like a pig!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love your motorcycle gimp, never seen a ginger one before....? Quite a handsome fella too.
[Image: Clummage.png]
Only got to drive one of them in the farming sim around an obstacle course but not in real life yet, not until I take the kids to 'Uncle Timps Farming world'....
Then again after seeing 'Uncle timps' sig, I'm beginning to think he's a bit mental!
[Image: sig.jpg]
Agreed, He does look mental. His ears aren't even on straight!
[Image: Clummage.png]
Bring em anytime but im afraid you may be severely dissapointed cause i really am a poor farmer!!!!!!!!!!!

Also we havn't any cows.
Or pigs. We sold em cause they cost 10 times more money to keep than they made.
We have sheep. 250 of em.
We also have chickens. 200 of those and they lay eggs.
And a sheepdog called Misty.
And thats it!!!
But we do have a lot of grass!!
If you're so poor, how can you afford a ginger motorcycle, eagle t-shirt and sports rifle?
[Image: Clummage.png]

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