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we are sailing
Hi gents well heres some pics i took this morning , last few days been busy helping my mate rebuild his engine on his boat been knackered when i get home so aint been gaming,anyway we took her out today put the pots out got some lobsters n crabs oh and a lovely octopuss we also give the nets a go n got some fine cod the sea was like a pond really good weather today.

this one is us setting from redcar at 5am this morning
[Image: 013.jpg]
saltburn cliffs at 9.45am notorious caves well used by the smugglers in days past.
[Image: 017.jpg]
cliffs again at 11.00am
[Image: 016.jpg]
an extra passenger n some pots
[Image: 014.jpg]
next lobster n cod our first haul
[Image: 012.jpg]
[Image: 019.jpg]
this is at 12.30pm on our way back in in the distance the white cloud of smoke is redcar blast furnace going of its trolley or should i say my second home its where i work for those gents of u that didnt know, arses im on nights there tonite.
[Image: 020.jpg]
[Image: 19031270623am_4a74b.png]
Very nice... Always a lovely view to spoil it!
[Image: sig.jpg]
In fact I seem to remember walking down to the seafront from Hartlepools Football ground & seeing a similar view
Nice beach.... shame about the blast furnace!!!
[Image: sig.jpg]
nice pics m8.. worked up in redcar and saltburn myself.. even went too the weatherspoons in redcar for a beer and food...only thing was when i went too order the food my beer was gone Sad but the furnace was mothballed then lol.
Bugger, I'm jealous..... Glad you're working tonight..!
[Image: Clummage.png]
What happens to the fish. Is it for a business or just own use?
Nice scenery though
As soon as we get back and tractor the boat out the fish and crabs are sold to the waiting no bloggs, the lobster from may untill september need to be brought in everyday a truck from Spain comes for em once a week long term contract and at the moment of the coast Dutch contractors are doing founds for wind turbines, they have just signed a contract for 100 lobsters a the moment most of me spare time is spent helping me matey out on the boat it's that time of the year,Missus gets the grump on a bit untill I do lobster Thermidor for her few weeks time she will be slightly more grumpy the mackerel are on there way in think there about 10 mile out at the moment, when they come it's mackerel bashing time.
[Image: 19031270623am_4a74b.png]
Is it all legal. It all sounds a bit fishy to me!!
well cant beat an early start on a monday morning 7am we aint seen the northeast sea so flat oh we were about 8.5 mile out
[Image: 001.jpg]
[Image: 004.jpg]
[Image: 003.jpg]
[Image: 19031270623am_4a74b.png]

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