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An idiot with a welder and some sheet metal!
I was working on the Bug yesterday, trying to lift the body off. I had already slit open all the bodged patches that had been welded across the body/chassis join........Odd I thought..still seems stuck....

This lovely patch was under a strip of carpet across the heater channel, I was convinced it was original metal..Bugger

Dear Ebay please send me a large box of slitting discs ASAP!

[Image: Clummage.png]
Well all you can say is whoever did it was thorough. Wait till you try and get the tyres off

I removed the patch now and the whole heater channel is hanging off. So effectively there is nothing holding the door opening apart at the bottom!

I've braced the opening with a length of angle and i'm praying my welding is good enough to hold it together as I lift the body off??

I cant believe it didn't snap in two when it was winched onto the trailer lol.
[Image: Clummage.png]
Must keep my spirits up!

Two things keep me pushing this project along:
a: These pics.
2: The twat in the Evo with an intercooler bigger than the Death Star, who races past my house every night!

[Image: Clummage.png]
Rather you than me, I used to do alot of private work welding up cars for MOT's, I hated it......... luckily cars don't rot like they used too

1984 Fords & any MG Metro were the worst, oh & Mini subframes & 'A' panels

Looking at the pic's I can almost smell the rust, all the dust that gets up your nose after grinding, and the inevitable stiff neck from laying in cramped positions whilst trying to tack weld a piece of fresh air to a sill. and thats without mentioning that smell of burning hair as a sprark crackles across your cranium and ends up resting in your ear cavity. Now thats what I call fun!!!

Oh well, if you don't do it for a living it must be fun.............LOL
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The part I hate most is finding all the hidden bad bits.

Putting it all back together again, I like.

Spending money on more new panels....not so enjoyable.

My Brother had an MG Metro Turbo, back in the day. Fast as buggery.

LOL, I remember putting a new engine in a Metro for one of my mates. Turned out the new engine was twice as bad as the old one we took out. That was a waste of a bank holiday weekend, the car was scrapped the following week.
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