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Steam Summer Sale, Dear Esther
Just Brought this for £1.74, no idea what it is, some kind of ghost story i think? Clum? Its not a game, it lasts 2 hours!, I downloaded the HD trailor & it looked like something I should try lol!

OK, so i 'played' 20 mins so far...
Its not a game, you can't run or jump..... You are (first person mode) a character set on a deserted island in the Outer Hebrides, & you use your W,A,S,D, keys to walk around the island, as you do it triggers atmospheric narration, which I imagine is unfolding a story, I suppose like an interactive book....

One thing I must say is that it has me intrigued, the beautifully sumptuous graphics draw you in, I could almost smell the sea air, & was very wary of slipping on the slippery rocks at the rocky shore...
However this small adventure turns out, I have to say that it is the best looking 'game' I have played for a long time if not ever!

However at £1.74 I'm not expecting the earth! just inquisitive, will let you know if its worth it later, it apparently only lasts a couple of hours!

here are some screens:




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