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jkardio - Genchedag - 10-29-2014

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RE: jkardio - Guest - 10-29-2014

You have hit the nail on the head there sunshine xx

RE: jkardio - Clummage - 10-29-2014


gripass - Genchedag - 10-29-2014

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RE: jkardio - Timp - 10-29-2014

Thing is Big Mac already has a dress so I doubt he wants another. But who knows. Barefoot sandals may be on his shopping list though so good luck!

RE: jkardio - Clummage - 10-29-2014

Make it so anyone can see the forum you said.. Now look what's happened ffs!

RE: jkardio - THeMOoKsTeR - 10-30-2014

Fabulous blossoms, pearls, Nymphs, Barefoot sandals and big Mac, sounds like an 80's porn movie on Red Tube?? no I'm not going to Google it.... Undecided

RE: jkardio - Fugazi - 10-31-2014

Did anyone click on those links?? if so how is your bank account Smile