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Snow clearing 2013 - Timp - 03-24-2013

Snow clearing yesterday then today trying to clear the drifts. Some filled the roads to the top of the walls.

RE: Snow clearing 2013 - 1python - 03-25-2013

No yellow snow there lol

RE: Snow clearing 2013 - Clummage - 03-25-2013

We need bigger pics Timpleton-peck!

RE: Snow clearing 2013 - Timp - 03-25-2013

Watch bbc look north tonight at 6.30 and im clearing snow . Towing out a lorry then they interviewed me.
I will do autographs at special rates for you lot!!!!

RE: Snow clearing 2013 - Clummage - 03-25-2013

FFS, I've only just read this!!

RE: Snow clearing 2013 - THeMOoKsTeR - 03-25-2013

Me too..... put it on youtube

RE: Snow clearing 2013 - Clummage - 03-26-2013


RE: Snow clearing 2013 - Timp - 03-26-2013

[attachment=433][attachment=434][attachment=435][attachment=436][attachment=437]That link doesn't seem to work. Its on my Sky box but how you get it off there is beyond me!!

Some more photos

hmmm. Seems I can only put small photos on here.

RE: Snow clearing 2013 - Fugazi - 03-27-2013

timp you are missing out on valuable bf time, its also a good excuse to tell the wife u are unable to work due to weather... Just think you could be borrowing pythons spare shit bucket and both of yous could have a bf marathon...