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Steam Summer Sale, Dear Esther - THeMOoKsTeR - 07-16-2012

Just Brought this for £1.74, no idea what it is, some kind of ghost story i think? Clum? Its not a game, it lasts 2 hours!, I downloaded the HD trailor & it looked like something I should try lol! http://store.steampowered.com/app/203810/

OK, so i 'played' 20 mins so far...
Its not a game, you can't run or jump..... You are (first person mode) a character set on a deserted island in the Outer Hebrides, & you use your W,A,S,D, keys to walk around the island, as you do it triggers atmospheric narration, which I imagine is unfolding a story, I suppose like an interactive book....

One thing I must say is that it has me intrigued, the beautifully sumptuous graphics draw you in, I could almost smell the sea air, & was very wary of slipping on the slippery rocks at the rocky shore...
However this small adventure turns out, I have to say that it is the best looking 'game' I have played for a long time if not ever!

However at £1.74 I'm not expecting the earth! just inquisitive, will let you know if its worth it later, it apparently only lasts a couple of hours!

here are some screens:





RE: Steam Summer Sale, Dear Esther - skidde - 07-16-2012

Does look very nice,worth a pound odd.

RE: Steam Summer Sale, Dear Esther - THeMOoKsTeR - 07-16-2012

well that was interesting, like a deep riddle.... confusing but exceptional graphics wise...

I understand it (perhaps) now its finished & someone else explains it!

don't read if you are not finished!

This will not be every ones cup of tea, but definitively a distraction for an evening!





RE: Steam Summer Sale, Dear Esther - sailor_of_cas - 07-17-2012

i downloaded it but aint installed it yet.. read a few reviews and the thing is that makes this intriguing is that, depending which way you go the story is slightly different but still the same story, if that makes sense.. there is no beging or end. but graphically it is supposed to be excerlent. looks like a upto date adventure game to me but no interaction just the story.
i will give it a go in a day or 2 time.