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Betty Fest Footage - THeMOoKsTeR - 10-23-2009


Quote:Had an idea to line up some bettys on a friday night while no ones around....set em' off and see what happens..........well here is the first attempt.........


RE: Betty Fest Footage - Clummage - 10-23-2009

Mook that's amazing! betty fest dominos! I've waited all week to see that and you didn't disappoint!!

That was laugh out loud funny. You are a genius.

We will have to spell out dRsT with them and explode them from a high aerial shot!

Well done!!!! Big Grin

RE: Betty Fest Footage - Clummage - 10-23-2009

I've added them to the (still unfinished) website..


RE: Betty Fest Footage - THeMOoKsTeR - 10-29-2009


Here is a second installment of Exploding Bettys as promised

Please Click on Links....

For some reason only known to Windows Movie Maker some of my footage would not load...........Then I discovered that 1 discarded movie would load on its own!! which I

was pleased about as it showed a Glitch,

I went into mp_bridge and set up loads of Bettys, but I had forgotten to turn Fraps on, so I exited to Desktop & turned the programme on, when I went to return to

mp_bridge, the game blocked my way with the message CL_CGameNeedsServerCommand: A reliable command was cycled out, so I rejoined

the map via my favorites list, & to my suprise all the Bettys were intact and still where I had left them!!!

Then this happened.......................

Watch and find out, LOL..............


RE: Betty Fest Footage - Clummage - 10-29-2009

EEErrrrrrr... Yeah that is pretty freaky! WTF was that all about then?

Still, makes excellent viewing!

Try and do that on a freekin' Xbox Infinity Ward!

RE: Betty Fest Footage - THeMOoKsTeR - 10-31-2009



Features: The setting up and exploding of more betty's,

and actual game footage from the remenants of Friday 30th October's Betty Fest, Featuring a Drunken Clummage and a pissed up Roon.

This will probably be all new to them..........................



RE: Betty Fest Footage - Clummage - 10-31-2009

Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
Best one yet! Out fucking standing marine!

Why is my character swaggering and eating a kebab?

I might put the betty fest footage on the home page of drst & mw2, might get some interest?

(should have stabbed the shark tho) lol

Well done...again!