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Full Version: Dinner, lunch and tea
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We have an issue.
When I have dinner Clump has lunch.
When I have tea he has dinner.

I know we have it the right way round and he is just a gay southerner but what do the rest of you call things?
Im the same as you Timp, and I have bacon and eggs or cornflakes for breakfast, not waffles or french toast...
Well i have breakfast, then lunch then dinner.
Dont normally bother with anything after dinner though that might be down to the 5 cups of coffee before bed....
See, I'm not mental!
Ok let me clear this up, it's easy.

When I was a lad and at school, I used to go home for dinner, which was a large cooked meal. Then, we used to have tea when I got home at the end of the day, which was a much smaller meal.

Nowadays and since I've been working, I have had "lunch" which would be a sandwich or snack type thing and "Dinner" which is the big main meal when I get home.

So, Lunch is just a snack and the main meal has always been "dinner", the largest meal of the day but it's just shifted places to the evening.

Does that make sense?
You have left school and started work?
I have sanp, fodder and beer... not always in that order Wink
Lol. I have a paper round now.
Apparently I used to go to school and have a paper round, but it was that long ago I can't remember it... Hmm wonder whats for tea tonight or is it dinner? I'm confused now so I'll go with sailors suggestion and have beer!
Don't let the southern Jessie s confuse you. Its teatime next Mook!!
And another thing that they do darn sarf. Chips with breakfast! !!!!!
Yes I know. Totally weird but true. I have seen Clumps pictures!
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