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Full Version: Betty Fest Footage
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Quote:Had an idea to line up some bettys on a friday night while no ones around....set em' off and see what happens..........well here is the first attempt.........

Mook that's amazing! betty fest dominos! I've waited all week to see that and you didn't disappoint!!

That was laugh out loud funny. You are a genius.

We will have to spell out dRsT with them and explode them from a high aerial shot!

Well done!!!! Big Grin
I've added them to the (still unfinished) website..


Here is a second installment of Exploding Bettys as promised

Please Click on Links....

For some reason only known to Windows Movie Maker some of my footage would not load...........Then I discovered that 1 discarded movie would load on its own!! which I

was pleased about as it showed a Glitch,

I went into mp_bridge and set up loads of Bettys, but I had forgotten to turn Fraps on, so I exited to Desktop & turned the programme on, when I went to return to

mp_bridge, the game blocked my way with the message CL_CGameNeedsServerCommand: A reliable command was cycled out, so I rejoined

the map via my favorites list, & to my suprise all the Bettys were intact and still where I had left them!!!

Then this happened.......................

Watch and find out, LOL..............

EEErrrrrrr... Yeah that is pretty freaky! WTF was that all about then?

Still, makes excellent viewing!

Try and do that on a freekin' Xbox Infinity Ward!


Features: The setting up and exploding of more betty's,

and actual game footage from the remenants of Friday 30th October's Betty Fest, Featuring a Drunken Clummage and a pissed up Roon.

This will probably be all new to them..........................


Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
Best one yet! Out fucking standing marine!

Why is my character swaggering and eating a kebab?

I might put the betty fest footage on the home page of drst & mw2, might get some interest?

(should have stabbed the shark tho) lol

Well done...again!